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America West is owned and operated by Wayne Luxford a car enthusiast.


He has fifteen years experience in selling parts to other car enthusiasts and regularly take trips to the USA to source parts, so that they can supply them at the best possible price.



2008 took him to Nevada on a working holiday, there he met with the team from Scott Drake, who are the world's largest manufacturer of Mustang reproduction parts. He was taken on a tour of the facility and were impressed with the size and professionalism of the staff.


During the tour he got to see the ladies who paint the red and white stripes on the steel caps for style steel mags.



From there he was taken for a look and have lunch at "Mustang Sally's" diner which is located within a Ford dealership.



At the dealership he had the chance to see the new 2008 Mustang Shelby - What a beautiful machine .........


mustang shelbyspace mustang sallys diner




.......a great lunch was had by all.......











.....a real head turner






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